Evelyn is an inspirational woman who I would recommend for any type of service she is offering because she educates herself before bringing any product or service to the table.  Evelyn was a special guest on my Internet Talk show and her story motivated my audience to push forward despite circumstances that arise in their lives.  Evelyn is a motivator, inspiration, life and business coach, author, and extraordinaire.  She's the BEST!!!

Sequoya Moe-Willis
Author, Speaker, Coach, and Talk Show Host

I love the enthusiasm of Ms. Jackson and her straightforward approach to telling it like it is.  I love her appreciation for life particularly when she was so close to losing hers after a car accident.  She's creating a legacy with her own unique style and approach which is so refreshing in this look-alike marketing world.   Kudos to Ms. Jackson while giving inexpensive resources you can use to spread the word about your business.

Tanya Marie Lewis
Owner of Motivating Handmaiden

Wow. Your books are the best ever.  I cannot believe how much I have been holding myself back, but no more. I'm so ready to watch my business soar because of your unique marketing ideas. Get Ms. Jackson books and we see now why they call her "The Beast" of marketing. She means business when it comes to being successful.

Brittany McNeil
Owner Beautiful Beyond Dreams

My head is exploding of all the great and very cheap marketing tips that Evelyn shared in her book.  I LOVE, LOVE it, and still loving it.  I recommend her book to every small business owner or who is thinking of going into business.  I really want to thank her for all her support, words of encouragement, and knowledge and expertise concerning my business and overall success.  Her book has helped me out in so many ways, I can't wait until she publishes another book.

Latersa-The Mommy Maven
LatersaSpeaks/Motivational Speaker

We understand you're different from the rest!

HerPassion2grow is about growing in a world of chaos. Times have changed and having your own business is a must for the survival of ourselves and our future generation.

The world is changing with technology being the sole provider of wealth. If you don't keep up you will get left behind.  Our company is here to educate you on how to stay ahead with our Digital Guides and our One-on-one Coaching. 

We believe in order to change the world, we have to change our mindset, wants, and needs for knowledge.  You can't do it alone, but you can have a company that's innovative and opened to the new world of technology with coaches that love to learn and research.

We created different communities to help with different needs.  We have groups for the younger generation and a special group for the mature generation.  We all learn in a unique way and this is the company to help you feel comfortable growing without being stressed to fit in. 

We're not the coaches to help you get to that six-figure goal. We're the coaches who help you take the first few steps, then some more baby steps until you feel comfortable to move on.  Once you grow from the baby steps we can then sit down and do a more strategic plan to get you to your next big thing. 

You might want to leave that corporate job and replace that income. You might be older and just want a new group of friends to talk to. We have different groups of females that can help you along the way.

We believe in being passion-focused not sales-focused. We believe in finding what makes you tick (Your WHY) and not what makes the coach tick.  Some coaches want to change who you are and make you into a different person and all you want is to see how you can live comfortably in the future with the unique skills you already have

We find your strengths, skills, fears, and wants that triggers you to move forward and then we give the rest away to someone else to work on.  We believe getting to the point and working hard will solve most problems, but re-inventing the wheel is a problem of its own. We want you to start off correctly by having your mindset prepared to move forward in this crazy world. 

We are the creators of DigiGuides (Easy to read digital workbooks) that can help with all sorts of problems. 

We get to the point and help you accomplish your goals fasts.  Everything is about time and money, so we keep everything simple.  Take a look at our store today to see what guides are available. 

You might come from a diverse background and adversity is something you live with ongoing.  There is no one better to teach you, than a person who's been there done that.  Let us show you how to move past the barriers that are keeping you from being successful.

Try one of our Digiguides today so you change your direction and change your life.  We also offer free gifts on our website, so check it out today. Come join our Facebook group today for some inspiration and some sisterly love @Facebook.com/groups/Herpassion2grow 

Authoress Evelyn creator of the DigiGuide Series

Authoress Evelyn

CEO/Passion-Focused Strategist

I'm a different kind of Strategist. I'm hungry for knowledge and build upon adversity. I'm known for being passionate, but strong. I'm a problem solver to most and a researcher to some. I can sit down with you and show you how to overcome some obstacles if you're willing to do the work. I survived a tractor-trailer accident that left me bedridden for 2 years and 8 surgeries later I've arrived.  I almost lost my home to foreclosure twice and my husband of 18 years of marriage left me because he couldn't bear to look at my shattered leg of survival.  As you can see I can work through the pain and grow at the same time. 

 I know I keep surviving because it's meant for me to help others. I lost my job of 15 years because of this accident and my journey as an entrepreneur began.  I hopped into an Avon office with crutches and started my new life.  I won two free cruises to the Bahamas, thousands of dollars, 2 free cars, and trophies galore.  I then decided to become an author of four amazing business books to help people grow who are on a limited budget.  I decided that wasn't enough and went to coaching school for a year to get certified to learn the skills needed to teach others. 

My newest accomplishment was to go back to college after thirty years of struggles to get my degree. I won amazing scholarships, was inducted into two honor societies, and was accepted to La Salle University on a scholarship.  As you can see I lived with adversity and I have more stories to tell.  I share a lot to let people know we all go through things and can still be successful financially, spiritually, and emotionally.

 HerPassion2grow was born to help women who need a place to be themselves and to have someone who understands them every step of the way. We deal with issues of depression, anxiety, ageism, and all kind of things that others wouldn't begin to understand. Recently, with Covid, I lost my last parent, my father which tested my faith. I'm a survivor and want to help women discover their unique ability to survive and become ONE with themselves.  Let me teach you how to grow your business, your life, and your desire to move forward in this crazy world of chaos.   Download one of my DigiGuides today and join our private Facebook group @ https://facebook.com/groups/QueenTitans